Baterai Asus N43 M50 ORI


Baterai Asus N43 M50 ORI

Jenis: Original
Kapasitas: 4400mAh (6 Cell)
Kondisi: Baru
Garansi: 6 bulan

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Baterai ini sesuai untuk laptop type:

  • Asus Pro62 Pro64 Series
  • Asus M50, M50V, M50Q, M50S, M50Sa, M50Sr, M50Sv, M50V, M50Vm Series
  • Asus M60, M60J, M60J-A1, M60Vp
  • Asus M70Sa, M70Sr Series
  • ASUS N43 Series
  • Asus N53 N53Jf N53Jg
  • Asus X55, X55Sa, X55Sr, X55Sv Series
  • Asus X57, X57VN Series
  • Asus X64 series
  • Asus X64JV, X64JV-JX084V, X64JV-JX065V, X64VG, X64VG-JX138V, X64VG-JX008V, X64VG-JX156V
  • Asus G50, G50VT Series
  • Asus G51, G51J, G51J-A1, G51J-3D, G51Jx-A1, G51Jx-X1, G51V, G51Vx, G51Vx-X3A
  • Asus G60, G60VX, G60VX-RBBX05
  • Asus L50, L50Vn Series
  • Asus N61 Series
  • Asus N61, N61-A1, N61J N61w
  • Asus N61jq N61JQ-A1 N61JQ-X1 N61JQ-JX017V
  • Asus N61Ja N61JA-JX087X
  • Asus N61Jv N61JV-X2
  • Asus N61Vn N61Vn-A1
  • Asus N61Vg N61Vg-A1 N61VG-A2 N61VG-JX092V
  • Asus VX5, VX5-A2B

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